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Colin Schälli is a Swiss designer and artist who has worked in a variety of fields, including art direction, graphic design, photography, and industrial design. He was born in 1980 and grew up in Chur, Switzerland. Schälli is largely self-taught, but he also completed his design studies at the University of Art and Design in Zurich.

Schälli has worked for companies in various industries, including fashion, and furniture. He has also worked with publishers and various cultural institutions and events. Schälli's work has been exhibited in cities around the world, including Tokyo, Los Angeles, Milan, and Kyoto.

Schälli's work has been recognized with several awards, including the Design Preis Schweiz, which he has won twice. His work is characterized by a focus on generating content and stories, often accompanied by his own photography. He is known for his ability to create storyboards and plan and direct photo shoots, as well as his expertise in graphic design, including layout, typography, and logos.

Overall, Colin Schälli is a talented and versatile designer with a broad range of skills and experiences. His work is well-regarded in the design world, and he continues to create innovative and engaging designs across various mediums and industries.

achieved so far

• 2 x Design Prize Switzerland
• Foundation for Grisons Arts and Crafts
• Red Dot Design Award
• Culture Promotion Prize of the Canton of Graubünden

• Genuine Swiss, Swiss Design Symposium Tokyo
• Sangsangmadang, Seoul

Design Jury:
• Die Besten 2011, Hochparterre

Exhibitions: various exhibitions in L.A., Paris, Milan, Zurich, Tokyo and Kyoto. For example:
• exhibition of FREITAG Hangtag and V30 POS Skid in the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich
• exhibition of con.temporary furniture at Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris
• exhibition of V30 POS Skid at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles
• exhibition of con.temporary furniture at Design Tide in Tokyo
• exhibition of con.temporary furniture at Showcase in Tokyo
• exhibition of con.temporary furniture at Salone del Mobile Milan
• exhibition of con.temporary furniture at the IFFT interior lifestyle exhibition in Tokyo
• exhibition of I AM URBAN at Urban Research Gallery in Kyoto - to mention a few.

Notable publications:
• published under Birkhäuser Verlag; Wonderwood
• published under Lars Müller Publishers; FREITAG Ein Taschenbuch & Spielwitz und Klarheit
• published in magazines such as Esquire, Hochparterre, Milk, Brutus and Casa Brutus


Colin Schälli
c/o Beat Ris
Forchstrasse 232
8032 Zürich