Studio for Art Direction

Biography: Colin Schälli, born in 1980, grew up in Chur, Switzerland. He is a self-taught art director who learned that craft from Peter Zumthor, Markus & Daniel Freitag and Ralph Steinbrüchel. Furthermore, he learned photography from Noë Flum. Colin Schälli completed his design studies at the University of Art and Design in Zurich. After that he lived in Mendrisio, Tokyo and Paris until he moved home to Zurich, where he currently lives and works.

From sketch to picture: Colin's work has specialized in generating content, stories and storyboards and having them photographed either by professionals or by himself. He creates all content and storyboards himself that are required for the projects. In addition, there is the planning, casting and production of the shootings, which he organizes and directs himself.

Colin Schälli
c/o Beat Ris
Forchstrasse 232
8032 Zürich